Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Like The Stillness

Sitting on my deck experiencing brother Sun greeting the Columbia River outshines sensationalism.  Thanking and saying Adieu to sister Moon leaves me feeling secure.  Pantheism?  No.

It is Heavenly Father saying "Good morning, my friend."  His masculine hand on my shoulder for the coming day's activities.  His touch is more steady than proclamation.  It was Heavenly Father's feminine hand that watched over me in slumber.  The receiving was deeper in hymn than mere emotional sentimentality.

I hear the age 67 coming up the path, the foot steps seem still in their movement.  Be still and listen my mind.  Be still and embrace His overwhelming absence of presence.  That is when he is most near.  I like the embrace of stillness.

The Creator is to be experienced in joy, in a dance of relationship.  The Creator is to be worshipped in experiential relationship.

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