Thursday, September 29, 2011

Party? Potato Chips

I am told by some we should not talk politics.  I also should not eat potato chips.  I like potato chips.  We should discuss and try to understand waves of notion.  When listening to the elephant and donkey speak, the choice seems to be somewhere between Kaopectate and Muralax.  The Independents are somewhere, the Libertarians live in a box.  The Tea Party is the party of what's happening now.  The disenfranchised might be on to something.

We should try to govern.  We should serve as we are able.  It seems thought is so far right at this time that reasoned center sounds left. I think I am about on bubble left of center.  Reason has been lost in a dust storm of sensationalism, fear.  The circumference of my on bubble left seems to be related to which protractor is used and by what individual's mindset the unit is calibrated.

I would like to hear you speak your corner.  Whatever we choose to do, let there be more stillness in reflection than exhortation and proclamation.  We need to offer a bit of time to pass after a person speaks so what has been said can be understood before we speak.  May our speaking have clarity wrapped in brevity.  I am weary of the person who always has more answers than questions.

Our God selves need to be given back to rightful ownership.  Speak your corner and leave it there.  Hold your peace.  Balance, balance, balance.  We need to move to action with depth of understanding.

Where is Narnia?  Please pass the potato chips.


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