Thursday, September 29, 2011

Marci's Epistle Poem - Marie Temperance and Caroleen's Star Remembrance

Sometimes we find ourselves living a cameo appearance in the play Our Town.  Last week was one of those times.  Maybe if we see from Heavenly Father's view the moment of reflection will be positive.  I like to think in themes along the lines of graduation, Promotion to Glory.  Some students at the university of God's transformation are enrolled in an invited reading experience which has more depth that reading light fiction.  These dear folks are the graduate disciples of Light.

Is it possible the emotions of today mirror the shadows of a time gone, a glimpse of yesterdays?  As a young freckle faced boy I saw Mom walk a seven plus year sidewalk called M.S.  Her grace and strength of acceptance are still inside me.  The freckles have become gray whiskers.  The pretty lady I think of as my covenant wife Caroleen won the painful dance contest with breast cancer.  Dear Caroleen smiled all the days of those seven plus years.  She was promoted to Glory a while back.  her loving daughters sang hymns at their mom's bedside as they said goodbye.

I did not know Marci long.  Maybe yesterday and today met at the intersection, emotions.  Two or three times was opportunity mine to see Marci's strength and grace in her eyes, for my spirit to fellowship with hers.  Indeed, plenty of time to overflow my grateful cup.

We wonder and whisper why.  We shout WHY!  Loving stillness is the reply.  Sadly, Caroleen left to a different place several years ago.  This time she was truly gone.  She became and is a star of remembrance.  Mom has been gone for many years.  I have trouble seeing her in my mind's eyes. She is in my heart's eye.  I see her star.

This time experience is Moment Present.  Maybe past and present are what moves me to write.  The feelings seem very close to my rib which protects my heart.  Tom comes to an Alter of Mourning during an evening worship service only a short few days after having waved goodbye to Marci.  I begin to cry, hopefully unnoticed.  The thought comes to direct my hands to Tom's station.  Maybe I can beam a prayer of partnering alongside this good man.  Again, maybe no one will see my tears of selfishness.  This is Tom's time I thought, not mine I thought.

Later that evening I realized I had been wrong.  It was also my time, our time.  "Mourn with those who mourn...."  Marci's Epistle Poem touches us.  Marie Temperance and Caroleen's Star light our way.

Lady Julian of Norwich says God comforts all by speaking these words over us.

All shall be well
But all shall be well
And all manner of things shall be well
   Lady Julian of Norwich


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